Parents Code

Parents Code Parents Code

Welcome to Rugby league, we hope you and your child have many years of enjoyment playing, watching and supporting rugby league.

All RFL clubs have signed up to the RFL’s RESPECT policy. We would like to remind you that your child is here for many reasons; they want to have fun, socialise, make new friends and enjoy playing rugby league. They do not want a win at all cost approach to playing. As a parent and/or spectator you have the responsibility to abide by the RESPECT Code of Conduct that promotes the right environment for all children, coaches, volunteers and spectators.

As a parent or carer you are agreeing to:

Report any concerns you have or observe to the Club Welfare Officer.

Let the children play, the coaches’ coach and the match official officiate.

Not force your child to participate in Rugby League.

Remember that children participate in Rugby League for their own enjoyment not yours.

Understand that rugby league is part of a total life experience, and the benefits of involvement go far beyond the final score of a game.

Condemn all violent or illegal acts, whether they are by players, coaches, officials, parents or spectators.

Respect the match official’s decisions - don’t complain or argue about decisions during or after a game. They are here to enjoy the game and they may be children too.

Behave! Unsporting language, harassment or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Encourage your child to play by the rules and to respect opposition players and officials.

Never ridicule or scorn a player for making a mistake – respect their efforts.

Participate in positive cheering that encourages all the players in your team and the opposition; do not engage in any jeering that taunts or intimidates opponents, their supporters or officials

At all times follow the directions of the Touchline Manager and/or other match day staff and volunteers.

Never arrive at a ground under the influence of alcohol, never bring alcohol to a game and only drink alcohol if it is available at the ground, in the designated licensed area, away from the field of play.

Never use social media to publically criticise/abuse a player, team, volunteer, club or opposition.