Players Code

Be part of the rugby league team: coaches, parents and carers, match officials, and all volunteers work hard to provide you with the opportunity to play and enjoy the game in a safe and fun environment.

As a player you agree to:

Play because you want to, not to please your coaches or parents or others.

If anything is worrying you, or you are not enjoying playing, speak to your parents, the Coach or Club Welfare Officer.

Respect and listen to your coach and accept their decisions.

Try your best at all times in training and games.

Go to training if possible & let your coach know if you can’t.

Keep the changing rooms clean and respect your club environment.

Shake hands with the opposition after the game, even if you’ve lost and are upset.

Respect other players - No retaliation, don’t abuse them, check they’re ok if injured, and look after each other.

Support your team mates, especially if they make a mistake or are feeling down.

Respect the Match Officials – Respect all decisions, remember they are here to enjoy the game and may be children too.

Not swear or use abusive language.

Play fair - Don’t fight or be a dirty player, try and keep your temper under control.

Not make racist, homophobic or other comments that do not show respect to other players.

Not bully and report any bullying you see.

Welcome and encourage new players.

Not use social media to make negative comments, criticise or abuse any player, team, volunteer, club or the game of Rugby League.